Savour the Arch!

Our Local Food Guide

Begun in 2005, Local Flavours continues to grow and diversify in all parts of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere region in Leeds, Grenville and Frontenac counties.  Our beautiful countryside is now home to over 100 Local Flavours members.  More restaurants, retailers, inns and bed & breakfasts have joined our producers making delicious, healthy foods widely available.

Local Flavours is a network of farm producers, restaurants and outlets which use locally produced ingredients insofar as possible.  Our members are located in and around the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, designated by UNESCO as one of the world's most significant natural environments.

Local Flavours is a programme of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere - a non-government, non-profit organization and in its 8th year is one of Canada's largest local food networks.  The programme is open to producers using a variety of production methods ranging from conventional to certified organic.  While the listings generally include a mention of producer type, if you have special needs or food sensitivities you can inquire directly with our members about their production methods.

This programme is an excellent example of sustainable community development, the underlying mandate for biosphere reserves worldwide.  It integrates sustainability's four pillars of environment, culture, society and economy.  By buying both food and food services locally, you fortify our regional economy by keeping money in the area, help build stronger communities and reduce the heavy costs to the environment associated with food transport. Everyone wins.

Join Us

If you are a local food producer such as a farmer, market gardener, maple syrup or honey operator and would like to join Local Flavours, click here for more information and the membership form.

If you operate an Outlet for Locally Produced Food and Finished Food Products, such as a shop, restaurant or pub, Inn or a Bed and Breakfast, or a food processor you can join Local Flavours, be listed on this website and included in our widely distributed printed brochure and map. Click here for the membership form and additional information about the benefits of participating in this remarkable grassroots community driven network.

If you are a consumer who supports the concept of regional food security created by a network of local food businesses you are invited to join our local food community as a Friend of Local Flavours. Click here for information and the Friends membership form.

Local Flavours has received some government and private support in the past but has been primarily developed and operated by volunteers, using the facilities of the Biosphere office. All of the costs are borne by Members, Outlets and Friends, like you.

Our Goal

The long-term goal of the Local Flavours Project is to build on the strengths of the region by increasing the sustainability of our local food supply and the farmers who produce it.

Our primary task is to bring together local producers and consumers, creating an economic and social partnership which benefits the entire community.

This is just the beginning of what we hope will echo the successes of older local food projects around the world. We plan to build partnerships with chefs and restaurants, grocery stores and supermarkets, hotels and B&B's and institutions.  The first step has been taken this year, with several inns, B&B's, and restaurants joining our program.

Our Members

In creating Local Flavours we have been as inclusive as possible. Our producers choose their method of production so our list includes conventional, non-certified organic to certified organic approaches. Our customers choose the type of food they prefer. If you have any questions about growing methods, just ask the producer or outlet manager.

Size of operations and mode of selling also vary. Some large operations include farm shops, others have self-serve farm gate stands with regular hours. Some need to be contacted in advance. Others sell their products off-farm at farmers' markets. These details are all listed with each producer or outlets' entry in their respective search pages.